Construction of a new building is the least expensive step an owner will take.

If a new facility is being planned, the concept is under discussion, or the project is well into construction, the point may be argued and supported successfully that construction does indeed require substantial funding. That is a fact that will find little disagreement.

But over the life of the building, nearly 89% of the total life-cycle costs necessary to keep the doors open will go into the operations and maintenance of the facility. Only 11% goes into new walls, ceilings, and floors.

A question that may arise now is, “What parts of my building should I maintain?”

A single facility encounters a broad range of maintenance issues every week, month, and year. Regular, preventive maintenance helps sustain a clean, consistent appearance at your locations while also optimizing functionality. But equally as important, because the unexpected is bound to happen, a qualified facility maintenance organization needs to be on call and ready to move.

At Michael Kinder & Sons, we have formalized the operations and maintenance services we have been providing for years to various clients into the newly formed “MKS Facility Solutions.” Not only do we construct high-quality buildings, but we now will help you keep them in top-working order. Your total solution to your building needs...the Kinder Way of serving you.