Q: What does an award-winning high-tech office complex have in common with one of Fort Wayne’s newest distribution centers?

A: The same relationship the Jay County High School basketball teams’ facility has with the Indiana Tech Warriors practice arena, churches, schools, manufacturing facilities, aviation buildings, and thousands of other uses...they all were constructed using pre-engineered metal building components.

Using an abbreviation of PEMB, this common construction method has proven to be one of the most flexible and cost-efficient approaches to buildings of all sizes since the first such structure was built in the 1800’s. Early renditions were commonly found on farms in the form of the old semi-circular Quonset huts or steel sheds when inexpensive and long-lasting coverage was needed for farmer Floyd’s new John Deer tractor.

Nowadays, there are few applications in current buildings needs that a well designed and properly constructed PEMB couldn’t fulfill. In many cases, costs can end up 10 to 20 percent less than more traditional methods such as concrete block or traditional framed steel. These other methods are excellent options and will well support an owner’s needs. But with Michael Kinder & Sons as your experienced builder, an economical option such as PEMB has high marks and a high probability of being the right building at the right price.

In the PEMB world, the number of manufacturers may not be as numerous as the number of dropped politician’s promises, but there are numerous high-quality suppliers available world-wide. Michael Kinder & Sons has selected Varco Pruden as our PEMB supplier because of their ability to support our stringent quality requirements. Next time you are looking to build, give an option that provides high quality and economical solutions a look. Getting you only the best...the MKS way to design-build.