Ancilla College first approached MKS in December of 2014 to discuss the protocol for adding a new residence hall and dining commons to their campus. At the time, Ancilla was a commuter-only college.  Building a residence hall was deemed vital for continued growth and cementing their future. It wasn’t until MKS invited Ancilla College to tour the Indiana Tech campus in January of 2015, that they decided MKS was the right partner for them.

MKS began the formal planning process with Ancilla College at the end of January 2015 by holding weekly meetings and listening to those invested in the college to identify specific needs. MKS worked hand in hand with Ancilla and its sponsor, The Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, to create an efficient and functional plan for the residence hall and dining commons. Determining space requirements and whittling down any unnecessary square footage were key in this process.

The design stage moved rather quickly, because MKS was able to modify a similar residence hall design that had been built in previous years. MKS worked closely with Ancilla to create the most efficient building possible, all while maintaining their priorities. While MKS was finalizing the construction documents, a plan/schedule was also being orchestrated that would allow for students to move into the residence hall by early August of the same year – not an easy feat! The decision was made to begin site work before drawings were complete; a bold decision to maintain the aggressive schedule.

With March came the completion of all site work. By that time, MKS had finalized the construction drawings. Construction commenced the beginning of April, and the last nail was hammered in time to turn over the keys to Ancilla at the beginning of August. Students were able to move into the new 96-bed facility, featuring private bathrooms, a fireplace and meeting spaces. The response from prospective students was so overwhelming the decision was made to house 3 students per room! This successful enrollment response reinforced the need for an additional residence hall. MKS and Ancilla continued their successful partnership by building a second residence hall on campus, which opened its doors in July of 2016.