Executive Summary

Construction at Northrop began in March of 2018 and was completed in August of 2020. There were nine total phases of this project, five of which were completed while the school year was in session - a challenging feat!

Nearly every area was upgraded throughout the three-year renovation, with over 300,000 square- feet of total construction work completed, not including the work done at Spuller Stadium.

Some of the improvements that were completed throughout this venture include: upgraded mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems, ADA accessibility, HVAC, office addition with secure entry, auxiliary gym, cafeteria, kitchen, Spuller Stadium, art rooms, science and lab rooms, business rooms, math rooms, band, choir, and dance rooms, common areas, auditorium, wrestling and weight rooms, media center, main gym, locker rooms, special education corridors, computer labs, and study halls.



After nearly 50 years of service, Northrop High School needed a full renovation in practically all aspects of the building.  Northrop was originally constructed in 1971, and since that time, there have been a very minimal number of significant changes to the school. The school needed to be more functional and modern to adapt with the new technologies of today’s learning practices.



After extensive searching and prequalifying, Fort Wayne Community Schools selected  MKS as the general contractor, along with the proper architect and engineering partners,  to complete this multi-phase project. Mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems were completely overhauled. The building envelope was restored, office and classrooms were relocated, and new, thermally efficient windows and doors were installed. 

School was in session for the duration of construction, requiring the utilization of temporary classrooms/corridors. A series of nine phases was needed in order to minimize disruption to students and staff alike, enabling the educational environment to remain intact. This was an incredible opportunity for the construction and design team to practice our dedication to safety and efficiency!



In any given year, Northrop serves approximately 2,000 Fort Wayne students. This renovation project has completely transformed the high school and the way the students will learn.

The previous front office was relocated into a new addition, a more secure front entrance to the building. Interior departments and instructional areas were relocated within the facility while replacing technology and equipment to meet current FWCS district standards. Interior design and finishes were coordinated with district standards while allowing school specific branding to reflect the Bruin pride of students and staff.

The MEP upgrades and thermally efficient windows, doors, and masonry changes alone, have resulted in a net energy reduction for the school that will be 30% of the prior electrical consumption.

With a global pandemic driving change for schools on a national scale,  nationally,, the major electronic upgrades at the school have been a game changer. Northrop now has the capability to better provide for its students during this unique time, while also appealing to more incoming families and students in the Fort Wayne area.