MKS is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for our customers, partners and employees. Each individual plays an essential role in the success of our company, and we consider them part of the MKS family.

Safety at MKS starts in the design phase as we define safety protocols for both the construction process and the final building occupants. Our commitment to safety continues from the first day of planning throughout the lifecycle of the building.

Construction is recognized as one of the most hazardous industries for workers. We understand that every project is unique and comes with its own safety concerns. MKS is committed to conducting operations safely, mitigating both direct and indirect hazards. Our safety director, project team and job-site supervisors lead by example, always placing safety first.

Safety is a team effort, and the entire MKS team is committed to meeting and exceeding the highest standards of safety. Our safety record speaks for itself, and we will continue to put safety first on every project.