“Quality” is more than a catchphrase at MKS. It’s the core commitment that’s kept our company in business for 128 years.

With your project, quality begins on Day One of the plan-design-build process.  Our management teams become an extension of your planning team from the very beginning, focusing on critical details, challenging assumptions and proposing solutions. This process has proven to save time and money during both the preconstruction, construction, and lifecycle phases of your building.

Our commitment to quality provides a stress-saving system of checklists, as well as tools that deliver superior results. Deliverables include life cycle cost analysis, training, pre-installation coordination, mockups, commissioning, and job-quality audits.

Did you know that only 11% of the lifecycle cost of your building is from the initial design and construction, while the remaining 89% of the lifecycle cost are related to post-construction use?  For the best lifecycle value, the job must be done right the first time. This is what sets MKS apart from our competitors. Our commitment to quality planning, design and construction ensures the very best return on your investment over the lifetime of your building.