Before coming to Michael Kinder & Sons, I held a traditional view of a General Contractor - they “build stuff”. There are so many talented Contractors in northeast Indiana that are skilled at constructing commercial buildings. Now that I’ve been immersed in the MKS team for several months, I clearly see what separates MKS from others in our business - the extensive planning process and overall client experience. Our goal is to be involved in conversations for projects when they are nothing more than a conceptual idea or a napkin sketch. The earlier that MKS is integrated into a project, the better overall experience for our partners. From helping in site selection to connecting the dots for our clients to the resources they didn’t even know they needed, or providing accurate, high-level pricing for our client for informational purposes, we enjoy being a trusted advisor and a turn-key solution for anything our partners need.

I have heard competitors say the same thing, but from a new and fresh perspective, I have seen members of the MKS team go way beyond anything I could have expected from a company that “builds stuff”. We believe that going the extra mile isn’t an option, but part of the MKS experience. Since MKS has been around for 129 years, there aren’t too many projects out there that we haven’t been a part of in some way or another. This greatly benefits our preconstruction team in providing precise numbers throughout the planning, design, and build phases. Once a project is complete, we continue to maintain relationships with our partners. There is no such thing as a formal customer at MKS. We view each client as a part of our family. Whether it’s volunteering at events, donating to fundraisers, or helping prepare for the next project, we pride ourselves on being an advocate for our clients in any way that we can from the first build forward.  #beyondthebuild

- Alex Downard | Business Development Associate