FWAA Prequal

Almost three years ago, in the Summer of 2016, MKS and the North Webster Library Board forged partnership, starting the conversation about the future of the Library. The Library Board knew their attendance was growing at a rapid pace, along with the need for more space and community programs. Over the span of roughly 40 meetings, finances, floor plans, expansion and much more were discussed and decided upon together.  A project with such a strong community impact required the Library Board to put full trust in MKS – maintaining the integrity of the budget, timeline and product that was established three years prior!

On May 7th, demolition began on the south end of the North Webster Community Center, paving the way for the brand-new Library. The razed portion of the building once housed the North Webster High School, eventually being repurposed for a community space. Construction of the new Library is to commence in July and once completed, will allow the Library to further develop its programs, class sizes, and events.

Watch the Demolition process below!