What comes to mind when you hear, “plan, design, build”?

For many, the first thing that they focus on is the “build” element, connecting it to construction. At MKS, we hold tremendous pride in our ability to construct an array of different buildings. However, we take even more pride in our ability to help people with everything else that leads up to that final product of a new, renovated, or expanded space. Being the “total package” deal – from before the land is decided on or the drawings are made, to training our partners on all the updated technologies that we installed in their new space.

So, what does the “plan” in MKS’s “plan, design, build” really mean?

  • Connecting communities through finding development opportunities throughout northeast Indiana for industry leaders and executives.
  • Strengthening lives through our work, programs, and partnerships with nonprofits and dedication to the trades as well as educating future generations on the benefits.
  • Securing futures through master planning for companies and being a trusted mentor/dot connector for our partners
  • Educating community members on basic construction delivery method facts for businesses looking to grow throughout the region


The items above just scratch the surface of what the “plan” in our “plan, design, build” truly means.

Contact us to learn more about the various facets of our process.