We believe thorough planning is the foundation for excellent design.  Let MKS be your trusted partner for solving problems, meeting needs and inspiring project stakeholders through creative, efficient design.  

During the design phase, we iron out all the wrinkles and manage all the details thereby eliminating surprises and potential cost overruns. We work diligently to identify inefficiencies and potential cost savings in every phase of the construction project. MKS provides you the opportunity to make decisions, not only about the overall design, but more importantly about the component costs of integral pieces of the design. Our teamwork empowers you as the client to make cost/value decisions that will maximize your investment.

Be assured that from beginning to end, we challenge our team to be creative, offer multiple options, and provide exceptional attention to detail.

Did you know that only 11% of the total cost of your building is related to the initial design and construction, while the remaining 89% of the lifecycle costs are related to post-construction usage? At MKS, we pride ourselves on just how cognizant we are of this fact. Our careful focus on efficiency during the design phase ensures the greatest value for you as a client over the lifetime of your new building.