Size 24,840 SQ FT
Delivery Method Design-Build
Completion Date December 2011

The town of North Manchester, like numerous other Midwest communities, has an aging population with unique needs. Another demographic of this tight-knit population is the number of families with small children and the special requirements associated with this age group. A specific focus on family locker and restrooms was necessary to allow these age groups the ability to use and enjoy the facility. In this arrangement, caregivers can easily escort those with additional needs into the changing area and provide the necessary help. This was a specific example of designing and building project elements adapted to the needs of the users.

"The Technique proved to be successful on our project. In fact, having been involved in other projects using more traditional approaches, I prefer using a design-build approach, like the Technique. By having the general contractor lead the project and be involved in all aspects of the construction, we were able to be more nimble during the construction phase - we were able to make changes quickly, identify problems before they developed, and get maximum savings from the value engineering process."

Whitney Caudill